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Industrial Temperature Controlled


Industrial: Temperature Controlled

Keepin’ It Steady

Keeping temperatures constant throughout a large facility is a challenge. Air naturally stratifies (forms layers), with warm air rising and cooler air falling. Racking, inventory and machinery can further restrict airflow, and create unwanted hot and cold spots, sometimes leading to condensation.

ZOO Fans are a simple, low-cost way to improve overall air circulation and even out temperatures and humidity in a facility. These small, quiet, energy-efficient fans are specially designed to improve circulation and eliminate problem areas by creating even temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, in open areas or in racking, under and over mezzanines, around all kinds of obstacles.

Help eliminate condensation, keep floors, machinery and inventory dry, and maintain even temperatures and humidity throughout. With constant, low-volume background mixing, you can keep it steady for less!

Stay Hot, Stay Cool

As comfort improves, so does productivity and job satisfaction. People have actually paid a lot of money to fund studies that say so.

ZOO Fans save energy, too, because your HVAC systems will run less. Keep temperatures even and reach every corner of the building with these cost-effective fans. A space with even temperatures is easier and less expensive to heat or cool.

At ZOO Fans, we think that instead of paying to study the obvious, you should buy some fans, get comfortable, and start saving energy. And money. Cool.

Tight Aisles, Solved

Have you noticed how hard it is to get the air moving down aisles? Those rooftop ventilators and big fans don’t do the trick because they can’t drive the air to the floor between the racking. ZOO Fans will get the air moving all the way to the floor, guaranteed.

A LEEDs gold-rated facility in Virginia installed ZOO Fans and saved an additional 25% on heating costs. Great results for such a temperate climate. Even better when you consider they also realized a 5% improvement in productivity!

ZOO Fans improve comfort, and comfortable people do more. Get more than just the air moving.

Reduce Operating Costs, Two Birds

With improved air circulation, centralized mechanical systems will run less. Less HVAC runtime means lower power consumption, and it also means less make-up air is introduced…so the systems run less.

If you run rooftop make-up air systems, turn down the fan speed and turn down the burn temperature. A slower airspeed across a slightly cooler heat exchanger will pick-up the same BTUs, but now ZOO Fans energy-efficient fan motors take over the job of circulating the air from high-horse power centralized blowers.

Warm air is gently delivered to the floor where you need it. No draft, just improved comfort paid for with energy savings.

Hot or cold, systems run less and temperatures even out. That’s keepin’ two birds happy with one fan.

That Goes for Evaporative Coolers, Too

Evaporative coolers are often placed high, on one end or both ends of a cooled space. Large fans effectively throw the cold air into the space, but “soft” spots develop in the corners below them on each side. To compensate, coolers are run to keep temperatures low enough that even these corners stay cold.

By installing ZOO Fans to blow air into these corners, “soft” spots are eliminated, thermostats are satisfied longer, and evaporative coolers will run less—operating costs go down, while temperatures throughout the space are more even.

Pick One!

Whether you want to save money on energy costs, improve product shelf life, or improve comfort, we have the right solution for you. Call us today to talk about your Temperature Controlled facility.

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