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Industrial DC / Warehouse

Industrial: DC / Warehouse

Good for Your Goods

Keeping temperatures constant throughout a large facility is a challenge. Air naturally stratifies (forms layers), with warm air rising and cooler air falling. Racking, inventory, and machinery can further restrict airflow, creating unwanted hot and cold spots, and sometimes condensation.

ZOO Fans are a simple, low-cost way to improve overall air circulation and even out temperature and humidity in your facility. These small, quiet, energy-efficient fans are specially designed to improve circulation and create even temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, in open areas, around machinery, and in racking. Help to eliminate condensation, keep glass, floors, and machinery dry. Even conditions—that’s good for the goods.

Good for Your People, Your Budget, and Our Planet

ZOO Fans noticeably increase comfort in the zone of occupancy, where most people live and work. As comfort improves, so does productivity and job satisfaction. People have actually paid a lot of money to fund studies that say so.

ZOO Fans save energy, too, because your HVAC systems will run less. A space with even temperatures is easier and less expensive to heat or cool.

At ZOO Fans, we think that instead of paying to study the obvious, you should buy some fans, get comfortable, and start saving energy. And money. Doin’ good.

No Air Down the Aisle?

Have you noticed how hard it is to get the air moving down aisles? Those rooftop ventilators and big fans don’t do the trick because they can’t drive the air to the floor between the racking. ZOO Fans will get the air moving all the way to the floor, guaranteed.

A LEEDs gold-rated facility in Virginia installed ZOO Fans and saved an additional 25% on heating costs. Great results for such a temperate climate. Even better when you consider they also realized a 5% improvement in productivity!

ZOO Fans improve comfort, and comfortable people do more. Get more than just the air moving.

Need to Stay Cool?

ZOO Fans work great as Spot Coolers, too! The directed column of air and individual speed controllers make it easy to keep hair blowing in the wind at one workstation, and just a gentle summer breeze at the next.

Fans for the Warehouse / DC

ZOO Fans make a noticeable difference right away, which is why they are installed in warehouses and distribution centers from Menomonie to Melbourne, South Dakota to South Africa, Anchorage to Dublin.

Learn more about their quick payback, and why ZOO Fans are such an effective addition to Warehouses and DCs. Give us a call!

Open Ceiling Fans

Where to Put ZOO Fans

  • Loading Dock
  • Pick N Pak Line - Spot Coolers
  • Conveyors
  • Shipping and Receiving 
  • Front Office
  • Cold Storage 
  • Temperature Controlled Storage 
Zone of Occupancy Square

Our Performance is Guaranteed

Get the performance you pay for. Only buy fans with guaranteed performance.

ZOO Fans are proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Which Type of Fan Do I Need?

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