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Commercial & Public: Restaurants & Bars

Serving Up Comfort

People have paid lots of money to fund studies that show that comfortable people are more content than people who are uncomfortable. Additional studies confirm that customers who are comfortable are more likely to spend more money, more often, at establishments where they are comfortable than at those establishments where they are uncomfortable. Also, comfortable employees are happier and more productive than uncomfortable employees. Really?

At ZOO Fans, we think that instead of spending money on studies that confirm the obvious, pick the area(s) generating thermal complaints—or maybe there are dangerous wet spots in your establishment(s)—and spend some money on ZOO Fans, instead! Seriously. Give us a call and we’ll figure out which model ZOO Fan is right for the job.

ZOO Fans improve air circulation, eliminate hot and cold spots, and help keep floors, windows and equipment dry. These energy-efficient fans gently mix the air, destratify the space, and deliver conditioned air down to the floor where all the people are waiting for service. Air service.

Improve air circulation and HVAC systems run less, comfort goes up and energy costs go down. Increase comfort, lower operating costs, increase sales, help save the planet—somebody serve me an order of ZOO Fans, quick!

Drop Ceilings & Open Ceilings

Stylish, Efficient, and Effective

ZOO Fans stylish designs blend in seamlessly with existing HVAC décor, whether In-Ceiling, IC-Series Fans or Open Ceiling, H-Series Fans. In addition to the great look of their patented designs, these fans are more efficient and produce more air, dollar-for-dollar, than any other fans in their class.

Airflow That Works

ZOO Fans will help in just about any space, heated, cooled or non-conditioned—Open Ceilings and Drop Ceilings, from 8’ to infinity and beyond! Seriously. From up-close spot cooling to very, very high ceilings, not a problem.

  • ZOO Fans operate independently of the central HVAC
  • ZOO Fans are all variable speed controllable, to fine-tune comfort and performance
  • ZOO Fans can be controlled manually, via BAS, individually or in zones.
  • Some ZOO Fans can be controlled wirelessly, and via a dedicated web-enabled user interface.

Just let us know what you have in mind!

Superior Service

Just pick up the phone and give us a call, or send us an email. We’ll do all the prep work, pick the equipment, provide a layout, and get the menu to you fast! A great product with stellar service in a comfortable setting—the same reasons people keep coming back to a restaurant or bar are the reasons ZOO Fans are installed in bars, restaurants, brew pubs, bakeries, wineries, and distilleries all over the world.

Order up! Give us a call.

Open Ceiling Fans

Where to Put ZOO Fans

  • Loading Dock
  • Conveyors 
  • Shipping & Receiving 
  • Front Office 
  • Cold Storage 

Zone of Occupancy Square

Our Performance is Guaranteed

Get the performance you pay for. Only buy fans with guaranteed performance.

ZOO Fans are proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Which Type of Fan Do I Need

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