The ZOO Fans IC30-MF destratification fan is design for drop ceiling (T-Bar ceiling) spaces with ceiling heights up to 35’. This drop ceiling fan is available in both white and black as standard options. Additionally, virtually any industry standard return and supply diffusers can be utilized ensuring a perfect architectural fit with any space.


ZOO Fans Diffuser White ZOO Fans Diffuser Black


Motor Options

The IC30-MF is an Energy Star® rated 115V motor with a mixed-flow impeller.

ZOO Fans IC30-MF

Hertz 60
Watts 100
Amps 1
Phase (Cycle) 1Ph



Drop ceiling up to 35ft

  • Designed for drop ceilings up to 35′ in height
  • 0 -450 CFM
  • Insulated flexible ductwork included
  • Full Variable Speed


Typical Specifications

A variable speed, in-ceiling fan system with Energy Star rated mixed-flow fan and airflow of 450 CFM at full speed. Must be a closed-loop design that does not compromise return plenum; utilize an adjustable nozzle that can be rotated 30° in order to direct the airflow; have the ability to adapt to linear bar, 2-way, or 3-way diffusers. Must be variable speed controllable from a direct digital controller via a 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA interface or via a direct in-line speed controller.




    • 5 Amp variable speed controller
    • Operates up to 4 IC30-MF Fans



      • 10 Amp variable speed controller
      • Operates up to 9 IC30-MF Fans



    • 95 – 250 VAC, automatically detected
    • Mounting Style: DIN Rail
    • Accepts control signal from Building Management Systems (BMS)
    • Control Signal
      • 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA
      • 10k Ohm Potentiometer
    • 7.5 Amp
    • Operates up to 6 IC30-MFs