H60 Destratification Fan

The ZOO Fans H60 destratification fan is designed for open ceiling spaces with ceiling heights of up to 65′. Our free hanging fans are available in both white and black allowing them to blend in to almost any ceiling, light or dark.

H60 Fan White H60 Fan Black

Motor Options

The H60 is available in both 115V or 230V

115V 230V
Hertz 60 50/60
Watts 104 104
Amps 0.95 0.48
Phase (Cycle) 1Ph 1Ph



ZOO Fans Blades

  • Designed for up to 65′ ceiling height
  • Proprietary axial fan design with seven curved serrated blades with winglets
  • 0 – 1200 CFM
  • Available in 115v or 230v
  • Available in Off White or Black
  • For sound data, please see Specification Sheet
  • Variable Speed
  • Fire-Resistant, UV-treated plastic housing

Typical Specifications

Destratification fan with airflow of 1200 CFM at full speed that operates with a variable speed controllable, externally wound motor. Must have fire resistant enclosure and cannot have exposed blades like a traditional ceiling fan. Blades will have a serrated trailing edge and winglet and shall be constructed of PA6 glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Must be variable speed controllable from a direct digital controller via a 0-10VDC or 4-20mA interface or via a direct in-line speed controller. Must include a 200lb safe working load main cable attachment system and a separate cable stabilization tether.



  • 6′ cord with 3-prong plug (115v model only)
    ZOO Fans cord
  • Exhaust Safety Grill
    ZOO Fans exhaust safety grill




    • 5 Amp variable speed controller
    • Operates up to 4 H60 Destratification Fans



      • 10 Amp variable speed controller
      • Operates up to 9 H60 Destratification Fans



    • 95 – 250 VAC, automatically detected
    • Mounting Style: DIN Rail
    • Accepts control signal from Building Management Systems (BMS)
    • Control Signal
      • 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA
      • 10k Ohm Potentiometer
    • 7.5 Amp
    • Operates up to 7 H60s