H120 Premium Efficiency Fan



A high-performance destratification fan that combines patented German fan engineering with a proprietary ZOO Fans’ housing to efficiently destratify high bay areas. ZOO Fans are variable speed controllable—manual, automatic or via Building Management Systems—to allow customized settings for improved comfort and lower operating costs.



  • Ziehl-Abegg ECblue® electrically commutated (EC) motor, UL Recognized Component
  • Integrated, active temperature management
  • Maintenance free, lifetime lubricated bearings
  • ZAplus® patented premium efficiency FE2owlet® fan design with multi-functional air guide with stators

Typical Specifications

Destratification fan with airflow of 4100 CFM at full speed that operates with a variable speed controllable, electronically commutated (EC) motor. Must have fire resistant enclosure and cannot have exposed blades like a traditional ceiling fan. Blades will have a serrated trailing edge and winglet and shall be constructed of high performance composite, uncoated material. Fan shall contain a multi-functional air guide with 11 aerodynamic vanes that produces a tighter air column and significantly increases throw. Must be variable speed controllable from an analog signal via 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA interface, a direct inline potentiometer, or via MODBUS control signal. Must include two 200 lb. UL Listed safe working load cable attachment systems and two additional attachment points for rigid/all-thread rod (not included).