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Our Energy-Efficient Fans Keep Your Ice Cream Cold and Your Chicken Hot

It’s challenging and expensive to provide consistent temperatures for customers given the many micro-climates present in a typical grocery store. Freezer aisles with ice cream in one aisle and roasting chickens in the next. Soup bars, salad, and sushi, all together.

To try and maintain even temperatures, most stores run expensive rooftop units 24-7. Yet hot and cold spots persist.

ZOO Fans are known for increasing comfort in the zone of occupancy, where most people live and work. These small, quiet, energy-efficient fans are specially designed to improve circulation without creating drafts. They won’t interfere with cold case operation while they eliminate hot and cold spots, and create even temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, in open areas and in aisles.

ZOO Fans also help to eliminate condensation, and keep glass, floors, and equipment dry. The ice cream stays cold and the chickens stay hot.

Create a More Comfortable Customer Experience

Open cases make it easier to display refrigerated products and increase spontaneous purchases. But they can also make shoppers uncomfortably cold. ZOO Fans will warm the aisles, not the product. Comfortable customers spend more time in refrigerated aisles, shop longer and buy more. And that should leave everyone more comfortable.

Keep the Elements Out

ZOO Fans are very effective at buffering the area up front where the doors are constantly opening and closing. By creating a slow-moving air curtain along the front of the store, outside weather stays out and floors stay drier. Cashiers and customers are comfortable because the conditioned air is gently delivered to the floor, creating a nice alternative to the elements!

Reduce Operating Costs

Mechanical systems will run less. Expensive-to-operate rooftop units should be used for ventilation and supplying conditioned air, not for circulating air. Let ZOO Fans small, energy-efficient fans assume the job of air circulation—they’ll do it more efficiently and more effectively. Reducing the introduction of outside make-up air also helps to reduce operating costs.

On new-builds and remodels, ducting can be significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether. Just drop the conditioned air into the space and ZOO Fans will circulate it more efficiently and more effectively, with lower upfront costs and ongoing savings on operating costs. An added benefit is that fans are much easier to relocate than ducting should you wish to change the store layout.

Defrost cycles in freezer cases will be more efficient, door defoggers will run less, condensation will be significantly reduced or eliminated and floors will stay drier.

Making a store more efficient saves time and money. Comfort goes up, sales go up, operating costs go down. You can literally feel the savings.

Fans for Grocery Stores

ZOO Fans are installed in hundreds of grocery stores every year around the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia. From the largest grocery chains to a single family-owned store, ZOO Fans are making a difference in refrigerated aisles, produce, cashiering, front of store, stock rooms—anywhere there are hot and cold spots.

Run individually, in zones, automatically or by a building management system, variable speed ZOO Fans are easy to control. From the moment, they start running, ZOO Fans make a noticeable difference to store comfort and to your pocketbook.

Open Ceiling Fans

Where to Put ZOO Fans

  • Cold Aisles
  • Produce
  • Meat and Dairy
  • Checkout
  • Front of Store
  • Receiving Dock / Stock Room
Zone of Occupancy Square

Our Performance is Guaranteed

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ZOO Fans are proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

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