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Automotive DC / Warehouse


Automotive: DC / Warehouse

“An Army Travels on Its Stomach”

It’s not clear who said it, Napoleon or Frederick the Great. Both, perhaps. What is clear is that any business that operates distribution centers and warehouses understands the meaning. If the goods don’t keep moving, the business stops. In addition to being delivered on time, that product must also be kept dry and at a consistent temperature.

Keeping temperature and humidity constant throughout a large facility is a challenge. Air naturally stratifies (forms layers), with warm air rising and cooler air falling. Racking, inventory, and machinery can further restrict airflow and create unwanted hot and cold spots, sometimes promoting condensation.

ZOO Fans are a simple, low-cost way to improve overall air circulation and even out the temperature and humidity in a facility. These small, quiet, energy-efficient fans are specially designed to improve circulation and create even temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, in open areas, pick-and-pack areas, shipping and receiving, loading docks, and in tight spots like racking, small-bin areas, and mezzanines.

Noticeably improve comfort in the zone of occupancy, where most people live and work and pay for it with energy savings. Help to eliminate condensation, keep floors and inventory dry, and maintain even temperatures and humidity throughout.

Or put the fans up close for quiet, adjustable spot cooling. Keep the air moving—a comfortable underbelly is a good thing. For snakes, armies, warehouses, DCs…just about everybody!

Aisle Fan, I’ll Say!

The narrow column of air produced by ZOO Fans is perfect for aisles. Big fans work in big spaces, but in racking they cast a “shadow” just like Big Lighting would. For improving air circulation in aisles, there’s nothing like a ZOO Fan!

Good for People, The Budget, Our Planet

ZOO Fans noticeably increase comfort in the work place. As comfort improves, so does productivity and job satisfaction.

ZOO Fans save energy, too, because your HVAC systems will run less. A space with even temperatures is easier and less expensive to heat or cool.

At ZOO Fans, we think that instead of paying to study the obvious, you should buy some fans, get comfortable, and start saving energy. And money. Doin’ good.

Improve comfort and increase productivity—reduce the facility’s carbon footprint and lower operating costs. Cool.

Cruise in Comfort

Whether you want to save money on energy, improve comfort, increase productivity, reduce a facility’s carbon footprint, or “all of the above”, we have the right fans for the job.

ZOO Fans eliminate trouble spots by ensuring that air reaches all the corners and aisles, and consistent conditions are maintained throughout. And by hanging ZOO Fans from the ceiling or wall, or even overhead conveyor systems, they’re out of the way. Don’t sweat it—just give us a call!

Spot Cooling Fans

Where to Put ZOO Fans

  • Loading Dock
  • Van Lines
  • Conveyer Areas
  • Racking
  • Condensation Problem Areas
  • Offices 
Zone of Occupancy Square

Our Performance is Guaranteed

Get the performance you pay for. Only buy fans with guaranteed performance.

ZOO Fans are proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Which Type of Fan Do I Need?

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