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Indoor Sports

Athletic Facilities

Athletic Facilities: Indoor Sports

Give the Fans and Teams What They Want

Natatoriums, tennis barns and bubbles, rock climbing walls, ice rinks, indoor tracks and cross-training facilities. ZOO Fans are installed in just about any type of indoor athletic facility you can name, because people recognize that by improving air circulation in these facilities, spectators and athletes are more comfortable and operating costs go down.

ZOO Fans bring naturally rising warm air, and cool air-conditioned air from the ceiling down to the zone of occupancy, where the sports take place and the seats fill with fans. Eliminate hot and cold spots and your HVAC system will run less. Spaces with even temperatures cost less to heat and cool, and are noticeably more comfortable for your teams and your fans. So, give them what they want and save money on HVAC at the same time. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Decrease Cost and Increase Comfort

For new-builds and renovations, consider ZOO Fans for open ceilings. Savings are immediate with lower upfront costs. And the savings continue with ongoing reductions in operating costs. ZOO Fans energy-efficient fans provide continuous circulation more evenly and more economically than big blowers or air handlers.

Temperatures stay even, humidity is dispersed, and the thermostat stays satisfied longer. And so do the people, which benefits all teams involved.

Targeted Airflow

When people move, run, climb, volley, skate, dribble, pass, hit, and serve they generate heat. Placed closer to the action, ZOO Fans are very effective off-the-floor Spot Coolers, for both open ceilings and drop ceilings. Aim the air at a specific workout station and use the variable speed control to dial-in custom comfort. After all, what feels like a pleasant breeze to one person can feel like the Arctic vortex to someone else!

Fit Your Space

Whether you want to cool down or warm up, ZOO Fans are a great addition to your team. That’s why ZOO Fans are installed in athletic facilities around the world, specified by firms like Johnson Controls, Ameresco, Pepco and other ESCOs. From the Alaska Airlines Center at the University of Alaska, to the YMCA in Atlanta or Osh Gosh, K-12 schools, universities, park districts and private athletic clubs across the country and around the world save energy and enhance their athletic environments with ZOO Fans. Good, now that you’re comfortable, give me 15 to 40! That’s right, save 15% or more on cooling costs and up to 40% on heating costs with ZOO Fans. Now that’s a good workout.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our experts know indoor sports. Get your space in shape, save money and energy. Give us a call!

Open Ceiling Fans

Where to Put ZOO Fans

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